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WEAO 2015 Student Design Competition


The Water Environment Association of Ontario student design competition is a wastewater engineering oriented conceptual project. This competition involves developing solutions for nutrient and resource recovery at the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Facility in Toronto. Members of QUEST and the WEAO student chapter at Queen’s have the opportunity to travel to the facility to make observations and investigate current systems. A design solution with focus on bio-solid management and chemical processes will be proposed to implement waste solutions into the current facility. Preliminary research on effluents, wastewater regulations, and sustainable uses for bio-solids is being conducted to develop limitations and background knowledge. The team will conduct a cost-benefit analysis and create a full implementation schedule for the project. The finalized design will be presented at the Annual WEAO Technical Symposium in April 2015. 


Project Managers

Kelli-Anne Johnson

Scott Coombs


Human Powered Electricity Generation


The team’s proposed final design will be converting kinetic energy - in the form of human mechanical work - to usable power. A manual treadmill and exercise bike will be retrofitted with a system to power a device such as a laptop, tablet, or cell phone. The concept of sustainable gyms is becoming more prominent in society as more companies decide to go green and this project will be a step into exploring and implementing these ideas.  


Project Managers

Hillary Geer

Will Cartar

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